Story Behind PANADES

18 October 2016

“PANADES®” is a flight procedure design system that addresses the increasing air transportation demand in Southeast Asia and achieves construction of a reliable aviation infrastructure.

What is PANADES?

Taking advantage of strengths in automation and compliance with international standards, PANADES affords efficient and safe flight procedures to the world.

NTT DATA is endeavoring to achieve the global development of an IT infrastructure based on its considerable experience and expertise built in Japan. A typical example is the flight procedure design system PANADES. PANADES is capable of automatically processing various types of complicated calculations for flight procedure design. By inputting the required items on the screen and pressing the button, complicated calculations regarding, e.g., the aircraft performance, the topography, and buildings along the way can be produced in order to draw a flight path along which airplanes can fly safely. Compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, which are international aviation standards, is another major advantage of PANADES. Thanks to this compliance, PANADES can be introduced anywhere in the world without implementing large-scale customizations.

Background of introduction and challengesSafety and speedy construction of the aviation infrastructure in Southeast Asia

Recent years have seen rapid growth of the aviation industry in Southeast Asia sparked by the economic growth and globalization, and further enhancement of safety is an imminent challenge. Southeast Asian countries have been implementing measures to build an aviation infrastructure that can gain confidence from the international society. One of the most important efforts is the “enhancement of the reliability of air traffic control.” Against this backdrop, PANADES has been chosen as a system that is compliant with international standards and addresses the demands for safe and efficient flight procedure design.

Since the first introduction by Thailand in 2011, PANADES has been introduced by five other countries: Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Cambodia.


Benefits of introduction and future directionsGlobal development of highly value-added services based on abundant experience and expertise gained in Japan

Many emerging nations are still manually performing flight procedure design by referring to the international standard manual. As several patterns are made for each path, a very large amount of time needs to be spent to determine the best procedure. The scope of automation by PANADES is wider than that of competing products, which enables a significant shortening of the work hours. In the Indonesian case, the hours taken for designing one flight procedure have been reduced from approximately one month to one week. Safe air travel and flight procedure optimization are expected to produce large introduction benefits, such as the reduction of CO2. PANADES is a system that can assist the economic development of emerging countries.

As NTT DATA anticipates further growth of the air traffic control field, it has introduced the air traffic control product brand “airpalette®,” including PANADES. By taking advantage of its abundant experience and expertise accumulated in Japan, NTT DATA will globally offer IT infrastructure services to contribute to social development.